Friday, 10 May 2013

Wishful thinking, and dreaming of how I wish technology would work for me...

So, the free previews of Primae Noctis are done with... all up, well over a thousand copies out worldwide to interested parties at no cost during the KDP promo period.  For a first novel, thousands of copies + no cost + interest = motivation to try again, despite reviews or profitability.

I am very pleased that at a $0 dollar or euro value proposition that the novel earned enough attention to interest people visually or by description for them to bother to download it.  Downloads were proportionally higher in the Amazon Germany ( market, which serves most of Europe, than anywhere else.  I thank the Anglophile German market for their good taste in branding, but it is a matter of time to determine if they think that my ideas are worth the effort to read.

To receive a #1, even on the European Amazon free promo chart for Fantasy/Science Fiction, certainly makes one feel like its worth it.  Is it the fact that potential European readers have a better understanding of the double entendre  of the title, thus, get the more nuanced meaning of what I've put on offer?

My next steps are to wait patiently and to see if providing free product garners actual sales and recommendations to merit further interest.  With The Technology of Dreaming coming out next month, and with a more politically-prescient theme to it, I guess that I will need to adopt these learnings relatively quickly.  But I am now convinced that an Amazon free promotion (on principal release) is certainly worth an initial effort, even though I waited 6 months to  realise it.

Stay tuned, dear reader, and I will let you know soon if all was for naught or gain.  But it is a hell of a mule ride...

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