Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Primae Noctis available for free on August 29-31

In case you missed any of the previous promotions, Primae Noctis will be available for free on from August 29th through 31st.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Wishful thinking, and dreaming of how I wish technology would work for me...

So, the free previews of Primae Noctis are done with... all up, well over a thousand copies out worldwide to interested parties at no cost during the KDP promo period.  For a first novel, thousands of copies + no cost + interest = motivation to try again, despite reviews or profitability.

I am very pleased that at a $0 dollar or euro value proposition that the novel earned enough attention to interest people visually or by description for them to bother to download it.  Downloads were proportionally higher in the Amazon Germany ( market, which serves most of Europe, than anywhere else.  I thank the Anglophile German market for their good taste in branding, but it is a matter of time to determine if they think that my ideas are worth the effort to read.

To receive a #1, even on the European Amazon free promo chart for Fantasy/Science Fiction, certainly makes one feel like its worth it.  Is it the fact that potential European readers have a better understanding of the double entendre  of the title, thus, get the more nuanced meaning of what I've put on offer?

My next steps are to wait patiently and to see if providing free product garners actual sales and recommendations to merit further interest.  With The Technology of Dreaming coming out next month, and with a more politically-prescient theme to it, I guess that I will need to adopt these learnings relatively quickly.  But I am now convinced that an Amazon free promotion (on principal release) is certainly worth an initial effort, even though I waited 6 months to  realise it.

Stay tuned, dear reader, and I will let you know soon if all was for naught or gain.  But it is a hell of a mule ride...

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

All or Nothing! Primae Noctis free ebook promo days through May 9th on Amazon!

Due to the early success of getting folks interested in the free Amazon promo for Primae Noctis, I've expanded the free days through the 9th of May.

In the six months since the novel has been release, I've waited for some sort of critical event to get the pot boiling under my promotions of the novel.  The free event on Amazon has been a boon, and I'm hoping that for every ten people that get a free copy, I might be lucky to receive one paid recommendation for the ebook.

If you've been waiting for the opportunity to get your hands on some free, hard sci-fi, here's the link:

Tell a friend!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Get Primae Noctis for free on May 6th, 2013!

As I continue to expand the audience for Primae Noctis, I've chosen to work with KDP and offer the novel for free to Amazon Prime members and offer it for free.  This Monday and Tuesday, 6th and 7th of May, you can download a free copy of the Primae Noctis ebook on Amazon, for one day only.  There may or may not be additional free promotion days to follow, so take advantage of the deal before it expires if you'd like to read my novel for free!

Get the Primae Noctis ebook for free, May 6th and 7th at:

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

What's going on...?!?!

There are plenty of things going on in my life right now,  a new full-time role, a recent trip to Guam and Micronesia, but the most important thing remains the upcoming release of The Technology of Dreaming.  I've had to push the release back to May 2013, due to editing and other concerns with concurrent projects, but it promises to be a significant departure from Primae Noctis for most readers. 

More details to come over the next few weeks!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Dreaming of Aboriginal characters and a future Australia

Whenever I find myself deep in the development and completion of a project, I tend to let go of secondary concerns to have single minded focus on my top-level goal.  This has been the case with my blog, as I have been completely engaged with finishing up The Technology of Dreaming over the past few weeks.  Completing this work has been particularly difficult, as the plot and subject matter center on Aboriginal Australians in a mid-21st century Australian Republic. 

My primary concern has been to develop and present a fictitious group of Indigenous people with traditions that pay homage to the many individual cultures across Aboriginal lands without causing offense.  Inference to or mention of the specific knowledge of a real group of people could be deemed offensive by some, and would go against the spirit of what I have tried to create.   Thus, the names and locations of the lands of the tribe at the core of the story are purely fictitious.  Although the Ceremony and Laws of a fictitious group of people are presented in the story, what is presented is an amalgam constructed from research across a wider group of cultures in Australia and neighboring states.  I attempt to portray these subjects with sensitivity, but with purpose.

Ceremony and custom are of paramount importance to Aboriginal identity, as is their special relationship with their lands.  These are some of things I most admire about their cultures, in addition to their resilience and willingness to share their stories with others.  As they are the protagonists in my work, I wanted to showcase these values to a wider, global audience who might not be aware of them.   Finally, it would be an understatement to say that Australia's historical relationship with Aboriginal Australians has been difficult; there are yet many serious and real issues that remain unresolved to anyone's satisfaction.  This real conflict in identities and crossed purposes is at the core of the plot.

The Technology of Dreaming contains a detailed account of the future Australia itself, with particular reference to how it arrived to its predicament in relation to the politics of today.  This is also a tricky subject to deal with, as an effective cautionary tale must be both earnest and frightful at the same time.   Having a good depth of knowledge of the true history of a place can help to develop a thematic bridge to a realistic, but bittersweet future.  Economic prosperity and illegal immigration are real themes that lend credence to this story's thesis, but also set the stage for some of other stories in future volumes of Altstralia: A Speculative Republic.

The Technology of Dreaming will be available on in April.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

News on Primae Noctis, Tempus Belli, and The Technology of Dreaming

Primae Noctis continues to receive some pretty good reviews and sell progressively more copies, especially after the decision to discount the eBook for a limited time.  Review copies of Primae Noctis continue to be on offer to reviewers with a literary blog or other sci-fi genre related stop on the web.  It takes a while for word to get around about an independent genre author, so I need to continue to remain patient and carry on with new projects.

Groundwork continues on the next novel in The Once and Future Lords Trilogy, titled Tempus Belli.  Although a continuation of the storyline, the novel will have a substantially different tone and pace due to the events within the greater continuity of the Trilogy.  At present, the novel remains largely in outline / waypoint form.  I find myself wanting Primae Noctis to gain greater readership before I commit myself to the extended campaign of fleshing out the draft, due to the significant time investment involved.  Also, there's the need to see bills paid while concurrently pursuing my emerging vocation.  I expect that Tempus Belli will continue to see release in 2014.

I have dedicated my present writing and editing hours to a mostly-completed novella, unrelated to the world of the Trilogy, with the working title of The Technology of Dreaming.  I feel passionately about the subject matter and themes in the story, and have desired to see it published it for a while. 

The Technology of Dreaming examines the intersection of politics, technology, and traditional culture in a mid-21st century Australia.  This work was originally envisaged to be part of a larger collection of speculative fiction short stories set in Oz.  I have chosen to set aside the other stories from the collection for now to be able to get my favorite to readers on an accelerated schedule. Now seems to be the right time to move forward to get it out, with the eBook available on Amazon by the end of March / early April 2013.

Thanks again to all of the people who have kindly supported my writing so far, and I hope to bring you another update with progress soon!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Discounting and awakening the Amazon giant

This week, I’ve temporarily reduced the price of Primae Noctis for a limited time to $2.99 US across all vendors.  I’ve received a few questions from fans and friends regarding the decision.  Here’s why:

This weekend is my “Big Reach” weekend.  I’m reaching out to all of my friends, colleagues, and fans who have indicated interest in the novel over the past few months and encouraging them to purchase a discounted copy of the novel on  It is a matter of getting the giant to take notice of a mote of a pebble beneath its foot.

The most important thing right now is to spread word about the novel.  Without word of mouth, especially amongst genre readers, the novel is virtually invisible.  This is especially true for Amazon, as the vendor’s sales algorithms not only rate how frequently a book sells but also considers how many reviews and ratings every book receives in relation to sales.

If enough people buy discounted eBook copies on Amazon, the vendor will finally begin to recommend the book to readers that are browsing the science fiction section and the book will have a chance to sell itself.

The reviews are an ongoing part of the novel’s success as well, as they give insight into the quality of the work for potential readers.  So if you’ve read it, please consider submitting a review or at least rating the novel on Goodreads and Amazon.

Thank you for your continued support, and here's the link:

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Calling #indie #scifi fans and backers: lend your support to Primae Noctis!

The battle to get Primae Noctis in front of a larger audience is continuing.

A number of early reviewers have gotten hold of the novel, and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.  The greatest challenge right now is to get larger distributors, such as Amazon, to provide much needed free promotion and recommend the novel to readers.  The finished novel is more than 650 pages in print, and has been fully edited and published using Amazon's print-on-demand, CreateSpace platform.

This is where I still need your help.  If you are able and willing, it would be immensely helpful if you would visit Amazon and purchase a copy of Primae Noctis for $5.99 USD.  Every sale of the novel helps to get the novel attention within Amazon's search and recommendation engines, as well as gets Primae Noctis to a more desirable place on the sci-fi charts to get more reviews and sales.

Here is the link:

Again, thank you for your support up to this point, and thank you for continuing to support this effort to bring my creative vision of the future to life.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Remembering 2012: An End to Conversation and the Rise of Personal Absolutism

As another year becomes memory, most of us look back and conduct personal assessments of what could have been.  I find myself looking forward with doubt and trepidation at 2013, in consideration of a greater pattern of social norms that seem to have taken hold of us this past year.  I believe that 2012 was the year when we stopped having as many conversations with each other, and started to withdraw to the safety of the perfection of our own ideas.  2012 saw many of us become absolutists.

The greatest problem we face as a species is a lack of care and understanding for the opinions of others: a mode of sociopathic self-interest that has presented itself in our entertainment, politics, interpersonal relations, and media.  Many of us seem to feel that we are further apart from the people that we disagree with than ever before.  We are addicted to critique without reason; we make judgements without facts.  It is as if everything has a bloody “Like” button and we shoot anything that we dislike with our unlicensed, verbal automatic weapons.

For those of us who have forgotten, friendly disagreement and negotiation of position used to be the way progress happened in previous centuries.  Even in politics, when an election was over there was a respect that came with a result that allowed for parties to compromise and agree upon imperfect solutions.  Perfection exists only in our minds, but too many of us fail to realise the difference between the real and the ideal.

People have become increasingly entrenched and polarised within indefensible positions of the personal and absolute perfection of their own ideas.  It is as if we receive programming to believe that there is only one outcome or possibility for any given scenario.  We don’t care to find out facts for ourselves, and often our supposedly perfect positions are not our own.  Why find out about the underlying factors behind someone else’s views when we can refer to a handy infographic or bar chart from an increasingly biased source?  We allow talking heads to do our thinking and speaking for us…

We now lose friends over our choice of political parties.  We now lose lovers over our taste in music and movies.  We now lose sleep over a multitude of simple choices that people used to recognise as trivial or unimportant.  Every nuanced difference between anything that can be compared becomes a cliff, impasse, divide, or gap.  Everything is presented as a zero-sum game where someone will lose, and losses will be unfathomably great and permanent.  Choose or lose!  Believe or leave!  Win or die!

Maybe we should all agree that it is time for all of us to stop losing, and to recoup the stupid losses that we gave up last year.  Not every division that we can perceive is provably grave, nor is every decision that we take going to result in the end of an age.  Let’s back down from the cliff, step away from the divide, and take the overpass across the impasse.

It would be nice to have a blog headline at the end of 2013 that read: “2013: A Year of Well-Reasoned Thought and Genuine Negotiation”.

I realise that it might be a bit unlikely.   I would be willing to negotiate my personal desires down to: “2013: A Year of Frank and Honest Conversation”.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

My own apocalypse is finally here: the paperback edition of Primae Noctis

I am very excited to report that my paperbacks have finally arrived on the slow boat from the States, and wouldn't you know it, just in time for the unpocalypse!

Here are some fun, celebratory photos taken in Sydney's Royal Botanical Gardens:

I am very pleased with the typesetting and the quality of the finished product, and it makes the ordeal of getting it out there entirely worth it. 

The paperback of Primae Noctis is available HERE.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Now available everywhere!* The Primae Noctis distribution roundup.

After many weeks of hard work, my new sci-fi novel is finally available in all major, global channels of English-language eBook distribution, and hopefully, will soon begin to make its way into the hands of even more e-readers.  Currently, the novel is available via the following distribution points:
  • Amazon / Kindle Store
  • Apple iStore (via iTunes / iBooks apps)
  • Sony eBookstore
  • Barnes & Noble Online Store
  • Kobo
  • Diesel
  • Page Foundry
  • Smashwords
Having worked tirelessly to get the distribution channels right, I need to reinvigorate my effort and focus on getting reviews and  more people to read the novel. 

Of course, the print version of the novel is already available via Amazon / CreateSpace.

*(it seems like everywhere)