Sunday, 3 February 2013

News on Primae Noctis, Tempus Belli, and The Technology of Dreaming

Primae Noctis continues to receive some pretty good reviews and sell progressively more copies, especially after the decision to discount the eBook for a limited time.  Review copies of Primae Noctis continue to be on offer to reviewers with a literary blog or other sci-fi genre related stop on the web.  It takes a while for word to get around about an independent genre author, so I need to continue to remain patient and carry on with new projects.

Groundwork continues on the next novel in The Once and Future Lords Trilogy, titled Tempus Belli.  Although a continuation of the storyline, the novel will have a substantially different tone and pace due to the events within the greater continuity of the Trilogy.  At present, the novel remains largely in outline / waypoint form.  I find myself wanting Primae Noctis to gain greater readership before I commit myself to the extended campaign of fleshing out the draft, due to the significant time investment involved.  Also, there's the need to see bills paid while concurrently pursuing my emerging vocation.  I expect that Tempus Belli will continue to see release in 2014.

I have dedicated my present writing and editing hours to a mostly-completed novella, unrelated to the world of the Trilogy, with the working title of The Technology of Dreaming.  I feel passionately about the subject matter and themes in the story, and have desired to see it published it for a while. 

The Technology of Dreaming examines the intersection of politics, technology, and traditional culture in a mid-21st century Australia.  This work was originally envisaged to be part of a larger collection of speculative fiction short stories set in Oz.  I have chosen to set aside the other stories from the collection for now to be able to get my favorite to readers on an accelerated schedule. Now seems to be the right time to move forward to get it out, with the eBook available on Amazon by the end of March / early April 2013.

Thanks again to all of the people who have kindly supported my writing so far, and I hope to bring you another update with progress soon!

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