Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Now available everywhere!* The Primae Noctis distribution roundup.

After many weeks of hard work, my new sci-fi novel is finally available in all major, global channels of English-language eBook distribution, and hopefully, will soon begin to make its way into the hands of even more e-readers.  Currently, the novel is available via the following distribution points:
  • Amazon / Kindle Store
  • Apple iStore (via iTunes / iBooks apps)
  • Sony eBookstore
  • Barnes & Noble Online Store
  • Kobo
  • Diesel
  • Page Foundry
  • Smashwords
Having worked tirelessly to get the distribution channels right, I need to reinvigorate my effort and focus on getting reviews and  more people to read the novel. 

Of course, the print version of the novel is already available via Amazon / CreateSpace.

*(it seems like everywhere)

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