Wednesday, 11 July 2012

What value have unknown words... the first 72 hours

It find it to be very difficult to stop myself from continuously camping out in front of the computer screen to check on the progress of the Primae Noctis Kickstarter project.  Although the project itself is off to a somewhat less-than-auspicious start after the better part of three days (5 backers @ $131/$5,000), I am very encouraged by the significant uptake in people that are interested in the novel.  Twitter, Facebook, and this blog are all showing very sizable increases in traffic.  I have even received a few emails of encouragement and support via my own website.

I have already moved on to the next step, trying to get the word out to influential voices in the sci-fi genre community that cover new crowdsourcing efforts on blogs, message boards, and news sites.  Along the way, the periphery of my search vision has become flooded with negative scenarios about how the Kickstarter bubble has already burst, how one must be a celebrity to succeed, and reams of negativity in the form of project statistics.  I choose to forget them and remain a 'true believer'. 

Not unwilling to look at any possibility to spread the word or get a well-considered mention, I have also decided to plan a pub-based fundraiser for the effort here in Sydney halfway through the project with the hopes of attracting more local ground-based support.  Have a schooner or a pint, and kick in a dollar toward your mate's novel.  Good on 'ya, mates (and hopefully a few mates of mates)!

So what value do an unknown author's words have?  The very question seems tantamount to asking if words have any value at all... but if you're reading this, they must have some value.  72 hours in, and I find this to be the very encouragement that I need to press onwards.

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